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 How To Add CUSTOM Tattos GTA San Andreas

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PostSubyek: How To Add CUSTOM Tattos GTA San Andreas   Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:00 pm

Adding Custom tattoo's in San Andreas
To follow the tutorial, you'll need:

   San Andreas GXT Editor
   TXD Workshop

Making the Tattoo
There are 2 ways to make a tattoo(if you already have an image-tattoo):

   Create a new .txd file with TXDWorkshop.
   Or simply edit this one.

In this tutorial, I'll explain the second way since it's easier.

   Open "tattoo.txd" file with TXD Worskhop and you'll see a totally black image. If you click on "Alpha/Mask", you'll see the tattoo.
   Click on Export and save it as a .bmp file (or any other).
   Now, open your Photo Editing software and edit the image the way you want.

NOTE: Everything that's white colored (in your tattoo image) will be shown on CJ.

   After you finished the editing, save the image as .bmp (or .tga if you want).
   Import the image in the .txd file (Make sure that Alpha/Mask is selected when you import the image).
   Click on File->Save As->yourtattooname.txd (Name the .txd like you want) and click on Save

Editing GTA San Andreas' data files

   Go to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data and open shopping.dat file with Notepad.
   Find the line 508 (that's the line where Tattoos are placed).

Theese are the codes for where the tattoos will be shown:
   # - = no type
    # 4 = left upper arm
    # 5 = left lower arm
    # 6 = right upper arm
    # 7 = right lower arm
    # 8 = back top
    # 9 = left chest
    # 10 = right chest
    # 11 = stomach
    # 12 = lower back

   Create a new line below and put the following in it:

   Sergiow SERGIOW 8 - respect 9 sexy 9 500

Sergiow = Name of the saved .txd file SERGIOW = Tattoo name (You'll need to remember this) 8 = Back top (where the tattoo will be placed on CJ - See Above) respect 9 sexy 9 = Respect 500 = Price

   Now, find line 1035 (it should be named "Section tattoo # Tattoo shop")
   There are 3 sections of tattoos and here you will be able to choose where your tattoo will be avalilable. (Section 1 = Los Santos, Section 2 = San Fierro, Section 3 = Las Venturas)

   Choose one (or all) section and write the following in it:

   item Sergiow

Editing the tattoo's name

   Open your GXT Edtior.
   Find and open "american.gxt" from GTA San Andreas\text folder.
   Click on Entry->Add
   Now, it'll ask for a name. Here you will put "SERGIOW" (from Step 2)
   On the right side, type anything you want (that'll be the name of your Tattoo in game).

Finishing the Tutorial

   Open GTA San Andreas\models\txd\LD_TATT.txd file with TXD Workshop
   Click on Image->New and import your picture.
   Save the .txd file.

Play the Game
Tutorial : Nico Reanaldo
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How To Add CUSTOM Tattos GTA San Andreas
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