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 How To Add Compleatly New Vehicles To GTA San Andreas

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Profesional Script & Modder

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PostSubyek: How To Add Compleatly New Vehicles To GTA San Andreas   Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:19 pm

Tools needed
Sacky's Limit adjuster
Alexander Blades Handling adder plugin
Alexander Blades Car adder plugin
ASI Loader Mirror
Lets begin shall we
Remember to consult the free ID list to find free car id's

1: First unpack all the RAR's in you're San andreas directory
2: Then you open up the SAlimits configuration file, scroll down to the vehicle models number line and up it by 1. Save and close.
3. Open up the handling names file and add you're new vehicles name in capitols, remember the name and what vehicle name above it is exactly. Also remember to stay in the group of vehicles you vehicle belongs in planes, boats etc. Save and close.
4. Open up the Vehicle. IDE file and add you're new IDE line from you're car mod readme at the end of the list. Instead of the name of the car you would replace, use you're new name. Save and close.
5. Now open up the handling config file in you're data folder. Find the name of the vehicle above you're new vehicle and add you're new handling line under it. Save and close.
6. Open up you're carcol file in the data folder. Add you're new vehicle name in alphabeticly and you're new line. Save and close.
7. (optional) Open up you're cargrp file in the data folder and add you're new car in a couple of the groups, this will spawn the car randomly.
8. Open up your hot key file in the main directory and create a hot key with you're new car id's number. Save and close.
9. Fire up the imgtool and add you're new diff/txd as per normal. Rename it your newcar txd. and diff. and rebuild you're acrchive. Remember its case sensitive.

On a side note, please tell me how many cars you have added without noticible gameplay differances. Anything from random crashes to textures not loading. As soon as Sacky ups the streaming memory we will be able to add cars to our hearts content.

On another side note I am still working on the sound bug with Alexander_Blades sound adder plugin. Another update shortly.

Fire up GTA SA and spawn you're new car.

Special thanks to Alexander_Blade, Sacky, wenhan1000, Grove Street Boy, Gunnie and delfi for their excellent tools and help.
Any problems post here or PM me.

Optional step by Grove Street Boy to have you're new car's name appear ingame

1. use GXT Editor to open american.gxt
2. Remember the name you have used in your Handling.cfg when you were adding this vehicle
   for example the one i used was LANCER.
3. Find the table MAIN in ur american.gxt
4. add a new entry in MAIN from the button Entry -> add
5. name your entry according to the name you used in handling.cfg, mine is once again LANCER
6. You will then see Entry Name followed by Value, which is empty.
7. Enter the name of your vehicle into the Value area. e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6
8. Done, fire up SA and go crazy!

Or you can use Gunnies method with the GXT.hook

How to add the name of the cars using Cleo3's GtxHook

This is a great method for add lines to the game without edit any Gtx file. Sometimes, edit that files can generate crash in the game.

1. Install Cleo3 mod, you can download it here: (
2. Copy and paste all the files in your SA main directory.
3. Go to GTA SA\CLEO\plugins\gxthook
4. Copy the file GtxHook.cleo and paste it in GTA SA\CLEO directory (two levels back)
5. Go to GTA SA\CLEO\cleo_text and create a new file with .fxt extension, with the name you like (I used Added_cars.fxt).
6. Open it with Notebook or some text editor and now, you can add your custom names easily, with that format:




The max. number of characters in the codename is 7. You can add all names you want putting another line, example:

INFERTWO Infernus 2001

Enjoy your added car!
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How To Add Compleatly New Vehicles To GTA San Andreas
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