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 God Mode - Fixed: Drown Bug

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Profesional Script & Modder
Profesional Script & Modder

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PostSubyek: God Mode - Fixed: Drown Bug   Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:26 am

Author: matanyehoshua1
Works with: San Andreas

LINK : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Put the Godmode.cs file in your CLEO folder.
Put the Godmode.fxt file in your CLEO_Text folder.

On foot:
Press TAB+G to turn Player God-Mode On.
Press TAB+H to turn Player God-Mode Off.

In a Vehicle:
Press TAB+G to turn it on.
Press TAB+H to turn it off.

* To exit the vehicle after the vehicle godmode is on you need to turn it off otherwise you cannot go out.

Recent Changes:
Latest v2.2 fix updates:
* FIXED an issue when godmode dosen't work sometimes.
* Each time you exit your car now itll be destructible again to reanable cargodmode renter the car.

V2.3 FIX:
* PLAYER GOD MODE will Now Proporly Function
* Added Text To Display Godmode Status

V3.0 FIX:
* all godmode bugs has been fixed (the godmode will always work now)
*Player godmode won't interact with car godmode (because they used the same keys)
*new highlighted text
*car godmode now lock the doors. to unlock cancell the cargodmode also when the doors are locked you cannot exit your vehicle now
*once activating the cargodmode peds won't try to get you out of your car

V3.5 FIX:
* Compressed the two mod .cs files into 1.
* New text box displaying.
* On color is now Green and not Blue.
* You can now exit the vehicle when turn the godmode on, but it will disable its godmode features.

V3.6 FIX:
* Fixed a game crash when turning the vehicle godmode off before turning it on.

V3.7 FIX:
* Script Rebuild making the mode respond extreamly fast.
* You must Disable the godmode of the vehicle in order to get out of it.
* Vehicle Godmode bugs has been FIXED.

V3.8 FIX:
* Swim Drowning Bug fixed both on foot and in a vehicle (thanks for reporting it).

when you activate the cargodmode you won't fall from your bike.

Author : matanyehoshua1
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God Mode - Fixed: Drown Bug
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