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 How to Install CLEO 4 Mods

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Profesional Script & Modder

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PostSubyek: How to Install CLEO 4 Mods   Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:12 pm

Downloading CLEO 4
First of all, you have to download and install CLEO 4 Library. Click here to download. (Size: 378.83 KB)
After the download is complete, double-click on the file to begin installation. It is very simple and takes seconds to complete. Just follow the instructions

Downloading Mods
Now that you have installed CLEO 4 successfully, you can modify you GTA: San Andreas with thousands of CLEO mods spread around the Internet.
If you like a mod, first you have to download it (usually less than 50 KB). If the files are compressed (.zip or .rar), you should extract them first.

Installing Mods
*It is advised that you also refer to instructions provided by the author of the mod.

After you have extracted the file(s), look for any file(s) with the the extension: '.cs' (example: DamageMeter.cs). These files are the main scripts and should be placed in the folder 'CLEO' on your GTA:SA directory. Most of the mods only include a .cs file.

Some mods also include other files (like some of my mods). If there is an .fxt file with the mod, it is to be placed in the folder "CLEO_TEXT", which is inside the CLEO folder in your GTA:SA directory. If the folder doesn't exist, create it manually. These .fxt files contain the text that is to be displayed in-game. They are not present in all mods.

For all other files use instructions provided by the author or use your own common sense. For example, if the download contains a .txd file placed in a folder named 'models', the author has already hinted you where to place that file. Look for a folder named 'models' in your GTA:SA directory and place the file there.

If you every need help in installing ANY type of mod, contact me or write in the comments below. I will help in the best way I can.
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How to Install CLEO 4 Mods
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